John Parnell is the Hoop Guy ...and he's been Hooping professionally for over 10 years.   John has worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of children across the country.   


What can John “The Hoop Guy” do to help you and your schoolchildren? 

Hula Hooping provides healthy exercise that children will want to continue to do for months afterwards. 
It improves children’s mental abilities through “brain-training” (active Skills create new brain connections.) 
Inspires creativity – you can suggest the children invent new moves themselves following the training. 
Assist you helping to tackle the current obesity crisis that some of our children are facing. 
Improves Rhythm and Timing, Spatial Awareness and Hand-Eye co-ordination. 
Inspires team-work and social play. 
Improves Cardio-vascular fitness. 

 So, who will be able to Hoop at the end of the day? 

Generally, all of Year Two, and above. Yes, really, if they can't hoop when I arrive, they certainly will be able to when I leave, as will the teachers, the teaching assistants, the playground staff and lunch staff, plus they will be able to perform a number of fancy moves and tricks to keep them interested in Hooping. 
I find that most Reception (or Foundation) and Year One children generally will be unable to keep a hoop spinning, and so for those particular age groups I provide Hula Hooping games to music, which cover Colours, Numbers and Motor skills along with some basic strategy to also encourage strategic thinking. 
How much does it cost? 
A maximum of £2.50 per child, (often less in many cases) This is based of course on minimum numbers taking part. 
Is it value for money? 
Definitely, because as well as all of the benefits listed above, John will also leave you with ideas to run a sponsored 
Hula Hoop event where you can probably raise £700 to £1000 for your school or organisation.